Pass Sessions

(Failed) Red Box character creation/choose your own adventure was done for all four of us. Followed by the solo encounter, DM swapped between Mother and Father. The list of chars at time were. 1. Drogwin, dwarf fighter (Player:Father) 2. Arjianna, elf wizard (Player:Mother) 3. Rhiya, human rouge (Player:Sister) 4. Russel Anderson, halfling cleric (Player:Me)
The Red Box “My first encounter” went alright as far as first time players all around with poorly made starter set for D&D goes. I was made DM for our game after Father first said he would, then had to not due to not enough time to read. All in all, the game was a bit of a bust since no one really knew the rules that well.
Delved into the Twisting Halls (Another Red Box item, and another fail so far) and went through “encounter” 2, luckily avoiding fighting the dragon, and “passed” the skill challenge. Made it through encounter 3 without a hitch, but then the spirit died and the game ended rather abruptly, and poorly.
Continued the quest through the Twisting Halls, faced encounter 1 without much trouble, but “encounter” 4 was just bad. The Red Box’s (failed) chess game encounter made no sense to anyone at the table and just got on everyone’s nerves. Once again ending on a bad note.


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